Monday, 1 February 2010

SUNDAY'S RUN............14 POINTS !

   You historians out there will know well enough that The "14 POINTS" was a speech delivered by U.S. President Woodrow Wilson to Congress in 1918 assuring the country that the the First world war and U.S. involvement in it was justified and would lead to peace in Europe.
   The point and justification of Sundays'  14 mile road run was as an over distance half marathon exercise and would lead, hopefully, to peace and harmony in the Lonergan household after a good run at the great western half marathon in Blackpool.  A lot of customers running half marathons, Great North Run etc, screw their faces up when it is suggested that they should be able to train over the distance if they are going to race it; much the same way as a lot of marathon entrants screw their faces up when it is suggested ..."you can't race a marathon if you haven't "trained"  a marathon".  With a Sunday luchtime "date" I didn't have time to drive over to the canal,  so it was the Beamsley Bash plus 2 each way.  I won't bore the reader with the mile splits: but will record that I came back 3.30 minutes faster than the outward trip and with the last 3 in 8.16    8.12   8.19(uphill)  was very pleased that I coped with the distance and the extra mile (13 last week) .  Bonus being that it was the same average pace as last week's 13 on the much flatter canal course.


  So, another week completed.  A very satisfactory one as well: again no missed days and including the Tuesday hill session, the Wednesday tough trail run,  the Friday track session and to finish a solid 14 miler.  56 on the week....260 on the year.....average 52.  Fingers crossed,  good preparation for the races to come.      

   Probably starting with the low key Alexandra Park this Sunday.  No need to pre-enter!  and only £2 for over 60s.  Last run in December 2009 when I was only 60 so I can't possibly run faster can I ?  But seriously, it  will depend on the degree to which I ease down this week.

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  1. I can't say I remember that speech Terry!

    I think your spot on with the over distance theory. Those who perfomed best in The Brass Monkey seemed to be those who were training for a spring marathon. It was a short notice thing for me this time, but would not consider doing a half again unless I had some regular 20 milers "in the bank".