Saturday, 20 February 2010


   Well, Friday and Saturday's glorious sunshine and clear bluee skies certainly eased the tedium of jogging around on the grass each day.   Just a case of keeping the old legs ticking over at a pace 2 minutes slower than tomorrow's race pace but also to detect amy parts of the lower limbs which still require a bit of treatment....iceing, ultrasound and  massaging.

  I used the local grammar school fields for the easy 3 today and as the body warmed up the mind of course started to think about what the weather would be like tomorrow and what I should wear.   When I stopped  I watched a Ben Rhydding ladies hockey team playing for a few minutes and soon realised whilst the sun was strong , standing still it was positively chilling.   Think I'll be wearing a bit more than when I ran the Blackpool half marathon in June 2007. The cropped vest will not be in the kit bag. 
   That concrete looks quite uninviting doesn't it!   Let's just hope that the sun blesses us with an appearance tomorrow and there is little or no wind.   My prediction chart indicates that if I can run as fast as I did for the 100th half at Freckleton last June (94.27) that will be inside the chart's  forecast time of 95 minutes based on my recent 5K time.  But then again I haven't been training for 5K, have I?
   Whatever it'll be a nice day out at the seaside and as always a chance to catch up with old and new friends.  Excuse me to dig out some thermals!

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