Thursday, 18 February 2010


   Yesterday's track session ( 8 x600) may have gone to plan and been completed without collateral damage at the time.  However,  there are some peculiar grating sounds emanating from my left knee and it feels like some one has "deadlegged" me on the outside of the left thigh.   More reparation to be done in the next few days. Perhaps I should have opted for a fuller taper and skipped the track session after all. Time will tell.
   A 5 mile easy recovery run late afternoon in the grey Wharfedale gloom provided the chance to test it out. No acute pain: so with plenty of "iceing" and massage it should be alright.  In fact as I type this the effect of the current ten minutes of "iceing" is becoming quite intense......excuse me whilst I unravel ....that's better!
   As many of you know the nationwide parkruns  held each Saturday are free to enter and provide
a low key event for thousands each week. The key word being "event".  So what's the harm?  Apparently the secretary of a N.E. club has called for a boycott of parkruns saying  that  they do have a licence but not for each race and do not pay any other levies to UKathletics. Park runs founder says that they are not races(!), which is clearly a shallow defence but rightly says there are no levies due because no fees are are paid for participation.
I haven't done any "parkruns" as such, I pay £2 (over 60) (to you £3), to race 5K around a fairly pleasant park in Manchester (Alexandra) with on average 100 others under the Open Athletics banner.
   The park is a couple of miles away from the centre of town from where 36000 will pay over £30 (?)  to run behind several invited foreign athletes out to Salford Quays and back.  
If only they knew..................

Another of today's talking points from the athletics press......can you coach properly if you haven't got grey hair?  More tomorrow.


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