Tuesday, 16 February 2010


   With 2 fairly pleasant days, Monday and Tuesday, it was quite tempting to stick to routine and enjoy 2 decent length runs. But resisted,  restricting Monday's outing to a 4 mile jog on the trail, again circuiting Swinsty, with another 4 today on the riverside from the Lido in Ilkley.
   At the end of my last post, Barcelona Reflections,  I suggested that second in a major city marathon would make it worthwhile attending the presentation.  So Pat and I duly returned for the awards ceremony viewing several tables awash with trophies, some as high as 2 feet.  Quite a show.

Starting with the senior men the M.C. brought up winner of the Mitja Marato, Abel Anton (Rodrigo),
(wearing yellow in the race photo here) who won gold medals in the marathon at the World Championships in 1997 and 1999.  One by one the top ten came and went with huge trophies and white envelopes.  The senior women followed in similar fashion.   We stood and waited.   More awards, more photographs.  The tables were nearly clear now but for one.  Not long now then we can get away for a well deserved lunch.  Then we heard the M.C. say "los ninos " and a parade of children came forth and the final table was cleared.  Very puzzled,  we located the race organiser and enquired about the veterans awards.  He said, of course, there were veterans prizes...............they would be awarded later........how much later?....................he said,  
                                                             "Two weeks later!"
                            Now I know some presentations can go on for a while but 2 weeks!
   We didn't get to the bottom of why it would be in two weeks time but as requested we gave him our home address and he said he would forward the award.................which never came!!
    Perhaps a strange way to recover but that evening we made a visit to the Nou Camp to watch F.C. Barcelona play against lowly Alaves.  The Catalonian greats lost 0-1.  They left the field to the traditional "farewell" from their fans ; the waving of the white handkerchief!

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