Friday, 12 February 2010


   I was going to "title" today's  But when I publish the times I know for so many the reps. can hardly be consider as fast.  Having said that it's all relative isn't it.  On Sunday in a competitive 5K I tagged 3 miles plus together at 6.37 pace.  Surely I could manage that for each rep. of a 5 x mile session on the track.
  I didn't expect to and so targetted a conservative half marathon pace!  Prediction tables would suggest 95 minutes plus for Sunday week so I was hoping today for miles around 7.17.   The wind and rain was going to help but 7.29 on the first!  There was no one around to ask if they had seen my mojo!!
  Determined to accelerate.....7.27......7.22.....on the second and third.   As usual the laps are starting to flow much better now......close eye on the watch at each 200..............7.16 on the fourth.   For the last one, the gloves are literally off and as it to energise me even more the sun bursts through..............6.57!  Much better.
  So 2 mile around the park warm....5 x mile....7.29...7.27...7.22....7.16....6.57....1 mile cool down.....9 in total.  Average mile time 7.18;  a second off target.  Quite satisfied with the session as a whole obviously particularly the last two.

PILS COMMENTS.....I can understand you being disappointed with today's times particularly for the first 3. But you have to accept that you are not going to recover from a 5K race five days previous in the same way as younger runners. You have bearly run at a faster pace that 9 mins per mile in the last 4 days so to average 7.18 for what is a big speed session has to be acceptable.  Besides with a season stretching out until the end of November a cold, wet, windy morning in February is not when we want to see you at your fastest!  You demonstrated today that you are strong but not so "sharp" but then again you are training for two half marathons in the next month not 5ks.

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