Tuesday, 16 February 2010


With the half marathon coming up next Sunday,  I was prompted to reflect on where I was ten years ago in 2000 when I ran the BARCELONA MITJA MARATO  in February of that year.  It turned out to be a memorable race in many ways.  I didn't enter until we arrived in the city and was put into classification 5.....51 to 60 year olds.   I'd just turned 51, so as one of the youngest in the age group I was hoping for a good placing.  I'd run the Sitges half marathon near Barcelona the previous year with similar high hopes;  only to find that the Spanish age groups are different to ours.  Having just turned 50 that year I was one of the oldest in the age group, whilst being being pleased to run 76.16.  but only good enough for 9th in their classification 4.

  The race started well enough. The pace of the first kilometre (3.44) was maintained and we went through 5k in 18.34.  No problems on the pan flat course with 10K reached in 37.22.  You will note from the photo that I am racing with a Spanish gentleman who would appear to be about my age.
  As we continued to knock the Ks at 3.45 to 3.50
my Spanish amigo was beginning to annoy me somewhat as he insisted in leaving the road at every corner we came to;  cutting  across the pavement and grass verge.  He did it time after time.
   We went through the last K at the same pace as the first and were just faced with the the last turn and then the sprint to the finish.  I couldn't believe it!  He cut the corner again going across the grass.  Needless to say,  I had to have the last word so to speak and beat him by a second.
   I ran 79. 23 to his 79.24.   We finished 2nd and 3rd in the age group but I could hardly believe it when I saw his full name on the results sheet. Wait for  it...........

                  JOSEP CASALS PRAT....honestly...... PRAT by name and a **** by nature.... 

               Second in the age group in major city marathon; did I come away with a nice prize?
                                                   That's another story...................

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