Sunday, 14 February 2010


There's something immensely satisfying about planning a campaign of training working towards an event and running through it to a conclusion.  No guarantee, of course, that the event itself will go to plan and be equally satisfying but at least you don't have that feeling that you've failed to prepare and as they say can be prepared to fail.  With the Gt. North West Half next week as the first main target of the year the basic idea was to keep the weekly mileage average just above 50,  introduce more hill work on a Tuesday, track session on Friday and  race distance / over race distance for the long run.  The ice and snow meant some adjustments to the schedule but not much and most of the objectives have been ticked off in the last 7 weeks.
   With a comparatively easy week planned for next week, other than a moderate track session on Wednesday, today was the penultimate piece of the jigsaw.  Returning to the Leeds Bradford canal I wanted to do a kind of rehearsal for next week with a 2 mile warm up at 11 a.m. , change up to 8 to 8.15 pace for 10 miles the finish with 1 mile cool down.
    I wish I could say that I definitely achieved the 10 mile to plan but I suffered a garmin malfunction and couldn't validate it. (Actually the memory was full. Lesson....delete at least a month every month) Nevertheless,  despite the route being very busy with couples and families enjoying a walk together on a very pleasant Valentine's Day, it certainly felt pretty brisk.
   So WEEK 7 done and dusted.   58 miles with a recovery run on Monday after the 5K, a hard hilly road run on Tuesday,  trail run on Wednesday, flat and easy Thursday, track Friday, trail Saturday and 13 miles in total today.  Average for the year back to 52.

  VALENTINE STATE ?  The nickname for Arizona. So called with reference to the date of its   entry into the Union, 14th February 1912, Valentine's day.
                                         ENJOY YOUR EVENING   

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