Thursday, 25 February 2010


   Today's run was very much as anticipated.  Having delivered into the Nelson shop I ran up the Leeds-Liverpool canal to Foulridge village; effectively circuited Lake Burwain (today's photograph)  and then rejoined the canal for the last 3 miles back to the track.  So we could call it the "Foulridge Frying Pan 9"!  I was hoping  for the last 3 miles to indicate that the recovery following Sunday's half was such that the old legs would be up for a risk free canter in a low key 5 mile race on Sunday.
  First 3 in 27.47.........the undulating loop in 26.53.....the last 3 in 25.17; which was reassuring. 9 miles in total.
  The big event of the weekend, of course,  is the Saucony English National Cross Country Championships at Roundhay Park Leeds. 10 races for boys, girls, men and women: youngest being under 13s. 
Sandwiched between 2 half marathons I'll be opting for the significantly less harrowing 5 miler on the road.
   I'm particularly keen to race this one, the PRESTON DOCKLANDS 5 MILE RUN, as it is helping fund raise for the Willink Biochemical Genetics Unit at Royal Manchester Children's Hospital which has been of much help in aiding Millie, the daughter of Preston goalkeeper, ANDREW LONERGAN.  She suffers from PKU, a genetic disorder which can cause problems with brain development. Andrew is not related as far as I know but must be part of our clan!
 So if you're looking for a race on Sunday, Carrefour Gym, Ashton On Ribble, Preston is the place!
  It was good to be running today without the threat of the snow and ice which forced me onto the treadmill yesterday. Let's hope we have seen the last of it for this winter.   If it does return before Saturday it certainly won't be welcome for the National competitors.
  Anybody out there with any interesting National memories?

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