Saturday, 6 February 2010


  Perversely, this easy 4 miler on the grass proves once again to be the hardest run of the week.   Icing sessions have eased the soreness in the knee area and I should be Ok for tomorrow's 5K but having wriitten this I'll treat the left quad to 10 minutes from the ultrasound machine.
  The tedium of lapping the field solo was eased by music from a nearly new ipod nano I bought last week. I thought it was a good buy at £60 but then I discovered it was "preloaded" with over 1800 "songs" from a whole of artistes, the majority of which are very much to my taste.  Nice one!

I said in the last blog that the barefoot running debate whilst interesting academically in reality is pretty futile. However, if you are not really convinced by the commonly shared philosophy of the major companies....offering neutral, support, motion control , trail and lightweight shoes and want to sample perhaps the nearest thing to barefeet, you might try the NIKE FREE 3.0 as my photo here. 
  I personally won't be running in them as you can imagine my old feet are rather delicate after nearly 50 years of running........but they make great slippers!  

  Well, that's the end of blogging for today....3 submissions catching up since Wednesday.  Off to prepare my racing kit for tomorrow, a nice meal,  with a limit on the alcohol, and then watch Man. United's 5-0 demolition of Portsmouth.

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