Saturday, 13 February 2010


   With Pat's help I was able to repeat Wednesday's trail run down through the woods followed by a loop of Swimsty reservoir but without the pull up the road back to Timble village at the end.  Possible because she dropped me off at the start and then drove to the Swinsty car park where she would start and finish her run.
I estimated my run would be about 7 according to the gmap.  As I reached the gate at the car park the garmin was showing 7.00 miles. Perfect.   Quite a contrast between the 2 halves of the run . The first half down through the woods  I  saw no one at all.  The trek around Swinsty on a Saturday morning was as busy as expected.  Didn't feel too bad after yesterday's track session.  Pat asked what today's run was...."easy"
"recovery" "steady" "any tempo in there ?".............don't know, I said,..........just enjoyed it!!!

  The plan for tomorrow is the last hard effort before next Sunday's half at Blackpool.  At least 12 on the canal.  I'll use my Somnio training shoes which have proved excellent for this type of run.  But to give them a bit of renewed bounce I've changed the cushioning inserts rearfoot and forefoot and also replaced the well cushioned footbeds.  You can check out more about the customising system used by Somnio on YouTube-Shoe Talk-Somnio Running and/or Somnio
  SOMNIO are the only running shoe company offering customised shoes.  The 6 minute video will show you how the cushioning inserts can vary, the footbeds can vary and the varus wedge underneath the footbed can vary according to the individual needs of the runner.  You can even set up your left shoe differently to the right; and you can refresh the cushioning inserts and footbeds during the life of the shoe as I have done today. I'll let you know if I can feel the difference tomorrow.

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