Monday, 8 February 2010


   Monday morning and that lace malfunction during yesterday's 5K race is still knawing at me. Thinking back it's happened a couple of other times when using that shoe; so it must the nature of the laces rather than my lacing technique. Fortunately I'd used the locking holes at the top of the U-box on the shoes and so they didn't feel entirely loose.  Fortunate also that the event wasn't a very key event.  I would have hated to have trained hard for months only for that to happen. On the positive side I have to be encouraged that I still managed 20.35 which was the exact time of the December event. It does suggest that on course with a better surface and fewer sharp corners as the pace of the speedwork improves with shorter reps that I might even be able get down significantly.  The Britsh Masters Championships at Horwich?
  As 74 year old Peter Edwards put it yesterday,  it's all down to have to find ways to
ARREST RACING DETERIORATION.....or put another way work out how to get faster even though you are getting older.  He ran 26.44 yesterday which I thought was pretty gown but I didn't see him afterwards to learn his secret.
  We did speak to another competitor who said he was a septuagenarian, over from America and lecturing at
Manchester University on finance. I said,  knowing so much about finance, how come you are still working at the age of 70.  He replied that he could "afford to teach";  implying that he wasn't paid much and was just continuing to do what he enjoyed.   He was planning to do the Ironman triathlon in Hawii later this year.
   Might just give one a miss!    Started week 7 of my year off with an easy 6 after yesterday's race. A run which highlighted no real collateral damage but even so the ise bags have been moved around the the legs throughout the afternoon.

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