Wednesday, 10 February 2010


 Another new run was added to the training repertoire yesterday (Tuesday).  Heading to the RUNNERS RETREAT lodge on the South lakeland Leisure Village for a preseason spring clean the plan was for Pat to let me out of the car at Whittington village just to the west of Kirkby Lonsdale.  I had used gmap=pedometer to plan the route and figured it would be very nearly 9 miles.
  Of course, the gmap-pedometer is 2D and whilst the terrain guide indicated it wouldn't be flat I knew by the end of the 9 miler that I certainly hadn't missed my Tuesday hill efforts. Unfortunately the first climb came within minutes of starting out. The incline coupled with a raw biting wind was not very kind to my asthmatic chest.  The worst scenario possible.  With snow capped Ingleborough in view to the east I turned towards Hutton Roof and with the wind behind now was starting to enjoy the very quiet traffic free country lanes.

Until.......the peace and tranquility was defiled by a succesion of extremely low flying RAF Tornado jets presumably bound for Lake Windermere.  These low level sortiies are highly controversial but as the RAF point out they are essential if their pilots are to maintain their skills in this form of flying.   I was ceratinly not flying along as this new route threw one hill after another at me until the last 2 miles or so. 

  When I arrived at the leisure village it was very busy with so many lodges similarly being prepared or owners enjoying immediate occupancy after the "winter break".
  It was good to take advantage of
the Pure Leisure facilities briefly before getting into the lodge preparation project.  After the 9 mile run it proved to be a hard long exercise as it was 8 p.m. before we could eventually call it a day!

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