Monday, 28 February 2011

Yesterday's 10K

 Yesterday's (Sunday)  run  was solid enough over the 8 miles but naturally the hilly route dulled the leg speed.  So today I wanted to make the 6 miler as flat as possible and ensure that each mile was at or around 8.30 mins. pace.
 But try as I might the first inertia stalled mile showed only 8.47.  Pushing on, perhaps with a breeze behind miles 2 and 3 showed good acceleration at 8.17 and 8.04. Better!

 As the garmin showed 7.52 for the 4th mile I thought why not push on to 6.2 and just see if I could get under the 50.00 mark for 10K.   A 5th mile in 7.47 and a 6th in 7.42 saw the time read 48.33.
I would need to push on hard doing 1.27 to hit the 50 minute
target.   1.26...............49.59!  Nice one as they say.
 Now I would have been extremely disappointed with that time yesterday in a proper race situation but for a Monday lunchtime running solo,  with full winter attire on,  I'll put that down as another (big) step forward especially considering the first 2 miles.   Figure the second 5K in just over 24 mins.

 The way the weeks  shape up Monday is very often my easy day with a rare Saturday race planned this week a rethink was necessary and it worked out well....for once.  

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