Sunday, 6 February 2011


 With a gale blowing and rain sweeping down the valley,  so pleased I don't have to do much today, Friday,
after Thursday's confidence building 8 miler.  What a difference in less than 24 hours;  could have been mid April as I set out from Foulridge Wharfe yesterday.
 At least the snow has not returned. But there's no guarantee.........

It did in 1986 as I put the final touches to preparation for the MALTA MARATHON.  Ten days prior to the mediterranean
island event,  on the Wednesday,  I put in the last long run of 18.5 miles on "snowy" roads  at just under 7 minute mile pace.  More than a minute slower than marathon pace.
 Just a 5 on the Thursday then the last rep session on the Friday.   4 x mile on the local infamous Rupert Road circuit.  5.33.....5.26.....5.23.....5.15.   Faster than marathon pace. 2 mile warm up/ 2 ease down. With only 1 minute between each; unusally short for me. 
 Job's a good 'un, as they say!  9 days to go; time to relax.
 Time to catch up with some work and check the vest has arrived for the race; especially made in Malta's colours of red and white.
 The next day I didn't run...........had game of tennis instead!  Yes, in February; indoors at Ilkley T. & S.C.
  But back to the present day......FRIDAY'S RUN.
   Frankly,  less than pleasureable.  2 hard, tired miles into the prevailing westerly wind;  conditions very unwelcome after yesterday's hard run.   Obviously a lot easier coming back!

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