Saturday, 19 February 2011

Snow predicted.

  I must admit to pulling back the bedroom curtains with slight trepidation and my fears proved justified.
As predicted last night 3" of snow fell overnight and throughout the morning , ruling out my normal late morning outing.  There was no way I was going to do a treadmill run. Good job I wasn't planning to do any gardening today.
 So  I decided to wait until late afternoon in the hope that by then the snow would have stopped and local roads would be safer to run on. A decision which proved correct.
  After yesterday's hard track session I only had 4 miles to get in. Just enough to ease the legs out a bit and run the stiffness off.  A reasonable recovery run.
 As expected the hamstrings were quite sore and tight for the first mile or so but pleasingly they loosened such that I could stick to plan.
 Nothing more than an amble pace wise.  Efforts yesterday at 7.15  9.30 .

  Having built my longest run in 2011 to 10 miles I have been harbouring an intention to run the Great North West half marathon next week.  I had planned to do 11 or 12 tomorrow and then make a decision.
  However,  as is proving to be the case for so many races,  late entries are not an option.  The Blackpool race joins the list of races this year declared as FULL.   A rethink is necessary!

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