Sunday, 27 February 2011

Cyclists 105 Runners 3

 Do you ever get the feeling you are "swimming against the tide" ?  Do you ever get the feeling you are "out of step with the world"?  Do you ever get the feeling that there's a secret that no one is sharing with you?   Ever had the feeling that everyone you know is going to a party but you've not been invited?

  Certainly had that kind of feeling this morning as a constant stream of cyclists flashed past perilously close to my left shoulder on my 8 mile run along local narrow country lanes.   The "traffic"   count was 2 runners, excluding me,  5 cars,  105 bikes and 2 tandems!  
                Message to self.....only run on this lane Monday to Friday!  Far too dangerous.
  There was a fell race on Ilkley Moor which would have involved many local runners but even so it did make me think I should be selling bikes and bike gear rather than running gear. 
  Having time for only 8 today  meant that this week's miles slipped to  just 38 but the average nudged up again to 32.6.   However the pleasing  23.53 5K solo time trial  did serve as some measure of further progress in week 8.
  Progress which will need to be mainatined (and some) judging by performances of many of the county's M60 runners in  Snake Lane 10 miler at Pocklington with 7 running under 70 minutes.  
  I keep asking myself what these guys, who I used to compete with shoulder to shoulder .  are doing  such that their times are being maintained  whilst mine are in freefall.  
                                       No doubt they are biking as well !

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  1. Hi Terry. Don't be quite so despondent, a year ago your times weren't that different:

    07/02 Alexandra Park 5k 20.35
    28/02 Preston Dock. 5M 34.18

    I'm sure when you get to enter another event this year, the adrenaline will get you going and you'll do much better than your training times.

    Have a good week, regards John.