Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Puddled but not discouraged

 A fairly significant morning run today,  as I'd planned to return to one of my regular training venues  for the first time  since last November.   A full circuit of Fewston and Swinsty reservoirs for what I call the "2 Res Run".  
 Being a slave to the watch I was naturally keen to see how this run in my "comeback" period would compare with  several outings around the waters  in 2010. 
 I never run it very hard but on  a good day I can be close to 60 minutes and on a recovery can be around 65 minutes as on the Wednesday after the Gt. Manchester 10k last  May.
 With the trail awash from recent rain and feeling Sunday's 10 miler
(90 minutes on the road) progress was somewhat laboured and I failed to dip under 10 minute pace until the last 2 miles.  With a charge up the last hill I just managed to dip under the 65 minutes mark.
So room for improvement on this one, even on a recovery day.  On a positive note this was the longest undulating off road run this year and the legs survived. No strains.

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