Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Thumbs up again for the NHS

 This is hopefully the last time I have to refer to the problem I have been having with my left leg.  Followers of the saga may recall my own diagnosis that it was sciatica.  I failed before Christmas to consult my G.P. and as the condition hadn't improved by New Year consulted a chiropractor as previously reported . 
 In the initial consultation he said is was hip bursitis not sciatica and I paid for that and 3 more visits based on that assessment.   Unhappy with his "bedside" manner I eventually did speak  to my G.P. about the problem and today I saw a musculoskeltal consultant in the practice.

 Based on my description of "training" since the end of November,  running in the snow, treadmill sessions and reintroduction of rowing,  the consultant agreed that the pain I was having right down the leg was indeed the sciatic nerve...........being pinched by the piriformis.  So piriformis syndronme.
 He immediately demonstrated several piriformis stretches designed to bring relief.  Some of the positions may well prove difficult for my old inflexible body to even get into but if they are to eventually work I have to persevere.  I will continue also to use my ice massager.   Several polystyrene cups frozen ready in the freezer.
So once again  the NHS would appear has come up trumps.

 As I walked through the door  after the consultation, the phone was ringing.  It was Saga offering private medical insurance.   I  politely declined.

 Today's run was  another 5 after Sunday's 8.   Target time 45 minutes........time achieved  43.44.   

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