Thursday, 3 February 2011


  I must admit after the problems of the last few weeks I was quite pleased to be able to drag the old legs around an undulating countryside circuit near Boston Spa last Sunday.   However, it took me 74.06 to complete and it was the right groin which gave me most discomfort.

 After  3 days of 5 miles each day, alternating road and off road,  today I wanted to consolidate the "come back" by repeating Sunday's distance but would be asking the body for  one step forward  in the form of  a better rhythm and pace.  No excuses for slowing down on a the flat canal towpath from Foulridge.

  Weeks back this run would be regarded as a straight forward maintenance exercise. Today it took on greater significance  in attempt to return to last year's fitness levels.
 Setting out at noon, Lancashire was bathed in warming sunshine and with a breeze behind it was pleasing to be back under 9 minute pace after the usual tentative first mile.  Question was could that pace be maintained for another 7 miles? 

 Much is written about running through pain. For the record , the right groin was sore for the first two miles but eased off after that and was not an impediment after that much to my relief.  35.21 at the turn.
 I had hoped that I might manage  70.00 for the 8 miles so with a slight push that looked no problem; but with the wind pushing me back it wouldn't be easy.
 With just over 2 to go I could hear rapid footsteps behind and within seconds a young man flew past, leaving me for dead and bringing home just how slow I was going.   But within a minute he had stopped!   I encouraged him to join me,  which he did and  he told me he was doing a "test run" for the "paras".  (Best of luck, Tom)
  It was good to have some company over the last 2 miles for a change and as might be expected the pace increased by nearly a minute. The last 2 miles being 8.10 and 8.00.  Amazing how running with others can bring out that little bit more.   The second half completed in a very pleasing 33.35 for 68.56. 
            So, one step forward taken.....hopefully no steps back!

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