Friday, 18 February 2011

No strain.

Perhaps like you , every morning I receive a QUOTE OF THE DAY from Runners World U.S.  Many immediately deleteable.  But yesterday's from top USA marathoner KARA GOUCHER seemed to echo very much the mood of many of us at the start of the year. Her quote was, "DO THE WORK. DO THE ANALYSIS. BUT FEEL YOUR RUN. FEEL YOUR RACE. FEEL THE JOY THAT IS RUNNING"   Having a coach, she perhaps missed out plan the work.  But she emphasises that success does not come without effort and that having put the work in,  we must review how it's been going.  Evaluate. So if times and placings are important then recording our efforts is important or else there is nothing to analise.  Aim...implement...evaluate.  Go again...
I take it when she says "feel your run" she means enjoy our training and racing.  Which always brings me back to building variety.......pace,  terrain,  distance, venues etc....into the training week and in my case looking for new events to compete in. 

No great surprise, following my hard, easy, hard regime,  after Wednesday's 6.5 on the road  I treated myself to a nice moderate pace (enjoyable!) no pressure amble around the local playing fields over 4 miles.  A case of No pain, no strain.  9.30 pace.
But back to business, hopefully,  today, Friday,  returning to the Red Rose County for this week's track session where the pace will have to be somewhat faster!

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