Sunday, 20 February 2011

2....10.....1. A runner's dozen

  I'm conscious that I frequently refer to prevailing weather conditions in my posts but then again it does very often dictate venue and direction of the run if's there a strong wind to have to cope with. 
  One advantage I have is that my wife Pat tends to go for her run earlier than me and so serves as my weather reporter!  Today she came back and reported low temperatures and that the chilly easterly was still present though not too blustery.   With that in mind I headed over to run on the canal. I would head out into the breeze and enjoy it pushing me back.   The gritty toepath would be more forgiving than a tarmac road run from home. be decided!

  To be honest as I set off the only intention I had in mind was to do at least 8.  More if Friday's track session had  not taken too much of a toll.
  I treated the first 2 undulating miles up to the canal as warm up  (9.25) (9.33)......I could still feel tightness in the hamstrings and the breathing was laboured ....then hoped for sub 9 minute mileing for the rest of the run.  
  I reached 4 out......8.52 and 8.48......decided to carry on......reached 5 out  (8.52).....decided to carry on.....managed an 8.39  so turning at 6 miles.  Reaching the famous 5 Rise Locks at Bingley.

  The acceleration continued on the way back nudged on by the breeze and the breathing was immediately better.  
8.35....8.27....8.32.....8.22....8.22....8.18.   A much better inward 6.
Really pleased with mile 11 and 12. thought I might struggle here in what was now my longest run of 2011.
But I was able to maintain the overall acceleration. Bodes well.
  Not wanting to get into the car with the heart still hammering I added a 13th mile jog in 11.43.
So  what might have been just 8 eventually became 13, a baker's dozen as they say. 

Today's 13 miler closed off another week. A week which has brought very satisfying progress in several ways...................
   DISTANCE.............week's total up from 40 to 45 miles
   SPEED WORK........a very reasonable 8 X 600 track session averaging 7.15 pace.
   LONG RUN............up from 10 to 12 (plus mile jog).   Longest of the year.
   BETTER PACE.......Middle 10 today in 85.50 compared to 90 mins last Sunday.
   YEAR'S AVERAGE......up from 29.66 to 31.85

  I know several runners who have already raced several times on the road this year but after my period of comparable inactivity I feel I am still in a period of  what footballers would call "PRESEASON  TRAINING" which of course we runners would call building up a base or laying down a foundation.  
                  I think today's run would suggest that the foundation is a sound one.

I hope you have made similar progress over the last 7 days
and if you are   a fellow blogger I look forward to reading about your week!


  1. That's an excellent long run to end the week Terry. I'm amazed at how you keep the old bones moving and I've got a lot to aim for. Still, I'll keep plodding and who knows, one day I'll get there. Take care, John

  2. Hi Terry,
    You seem to be an expert on the cannals around this area! Where would you say is the best stretch (starting point & direction) to get in a good approx 15miler out & back? Aiming to run marathon pace so good underfoot is the priority.

  3. From where the canal towpath turns from tarmac to a muddy stretch (at the end of Hainsworth Lane Silsden) to 5 Rise Locks at Bingley is 4.5 miles. So you would have to start a further 3 miles back in the Leeds direction.
    I would suggest turning down Dockford Road in Shipley, i.e. off the A6038 Otley Road. You will come to the canal. Easy to park. There is even a "chuck wagon" there often so you can have a drink after your run. The towpath is pretty good from there; just a couple of inclines including 5 Rise locks of course.
    From Shipley further back towards Leeds it's not as good particularly after rain but still pretty runnable.
    I have known some runners who have taken the train from Leeds to Steeton then run down Hainsworh Lane to the canal then run all the way back to Leeds. Well over 20 miles!
    Hope that helps; but email or ring if you need further help. Check out gmap-pedometer if needs be. All the best, Terry

  4. You sound to be going great!
    You stick with it when others would have given up and it'spaid off!
    Hope to see you soon helping me on one of my long runs we can have a chat and catch up.
    Sally x

  5. Ran on the canal myself today Terry, Leeds-Shipley and back 20m, turned at Dockfield not bad going out but found it hard on the way back rain,snow,mud, but not as bad as Alton Towers on Saturday !!