Saturday, 26 February 2011


  I shouldn't be writing this post.  I should be getting my kit ready for tomorrow's 10K in Cheshire.  The race details were published on 2 sites; neither of which said there would be no entries on the day.  Just to be sure I emailed the organiser on Tuesday; but having received no reply,  decided to ring him earlier tonight just to be sure.  "No entries on the day", he told me.   So my long awaited return to racing will have to wait a bit longer.
 No that I would have  been looking for anything special. That 5k time trial on Thursday left me quite drained
on Friday.....a slow 3 mile plod on the grass. Today was only marginally better ; another easy 4.  So no big deal really; it was sure to have been a P.W.   Just a tad annoying when we'll still have to travel over anyway
which was part of the exercise.
  Hopefully my leg problems have gone now and I can look to entering races  well in advance with confidence, because "entry on the day" is becoming increasing a thing of the past.  
                              If you are racing tomorrow......have a good one!

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