Friday, 18 February 2011

Track progression maintained

 After last week's springlike conditions for the track session I was subjected to typical Lancashire wintry weather for this week's efforts.   Falling temperatures and a chilling crosswind did nothing to help the times; but at least it was dry. Could have been worse.
 I opted for a similar volume in terms of effort as last week  (5 x 1K)  but this week went for  8 x 600 in an attempt to step up the overall pace........ if at all possible.   200 jog recovery as usual. (1.30)
 Times reflected the customary acceleration................
                        2:46.8   2:45.7   2:44.9    2:43.7   2:40.8   2:38.6   2:38.9    2:35.3
Shame it takes several reps before my M60 legs come to life and I actually start to feel like a runner rather than an aged shuffler.
  Averaging out at 2:42  pace that translates to 7:15 approx. mileing, only approx. 45 10K pace, but  nevertheless again a bit of a boost to confidence.  I'll be back to over 9 for a recovery 4 tomorrow!

 Question is........ will we be forced to cope with an overnight snowfall on Saturday ? Hopefully  gone by the time I go out.  Need a lie in after today's efforts.

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