Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Best run of the year.........I think!

 After yesterday's puddle strewn jaunt  on the trails around the 2 res,  today's run was "crying out" for something faster throughout.  No excuses as the morning developed favourably with bright sunshine and little or no wind.  
  So, the mission today......set out at sub 9 pace and keep it there,  hopefully with acceleration. things started well enough with an  8.48 in contrast to my normal cautious 9.10 or so and continued with good miles in 8.24  8.12 and 8.07.

  I  looked to be on for the best (non track)  training run of the year. Each time I checked the garmin it was reading just above 8 mins pace....then it got it's knickers in a to speak......AND THEN THE BATTERY WENT !  Just after 4 miles.

 WARNING! Prospective garmin purchasers should note that this a purely a visual image and that the garmin you buy is very unlikely to distort itself in this way. Unless perhaps when subjected to  extremely high temperatures. Should you be subjecting said garmin to high temperatures it is advisable that you should not be wearing your garmin at this time as running in such high temperature could have a detrimental effect on your health!

  Undeterred I think the pace was maintained and estimate that the 6 mile point was reached in less than 50 minutes  which is a clear indication of returning strength.

  I'll be the first to hold my hands up and say that,  as with many runners of my generation,  I've neglected stretching and strengthening exercises.   But one of the plethora of emails which flood in from RunnersWorld US  included some very good videos which  might just have me selecting some of the easier ones.  Several of them,  however, require flexibility to start with which  I just don't have!
 Plus, of course,  I think there is the danger of over working parts of the legs which are already sore or heeling;  thus only exacerbating the situation. 



  1. Glad to see you are on your way back!

  2. Some good pacing there Terry - and getting faster all the way - so you're clearly getting it back together again. I can only manage that sort of pace over six miles when I'm racing.
    It sure was a good day yesterday!