Sunday, 19 December 2010


 End of week 51.  Nearly the end of another year.  At least on my training sheet. OK it's an hour glass but you get the point. One more week and we'll be turning it over and doing it all over again. Hopefully.
 To complete my "restoration" month a final week of 34 miles will give me a pedantically exact 45 miles/ week average; which with the adverse weather conditions, Christmas etc will be about right.
  Next year I may  be nudging down the miles a tad.
I say may as I haven't found this year's volume too problematic not working full time.  Main thing is enjoying my daily runs  and that means staying injury free!
  I've no races entered at the moment but I've been entering into my 2011
diary possibilites up to Easter.   Based on my 3rd in the M60 category, my free entry for the Great Manchester Run has been offered by email.  All I have to do is work out how their online entry system works.  So that is a distict possibilty.  That will save me £35  or so,I think,but noting the entry fees for some of the other races I fancy I think I'll have to surrender my last remaining pension plan.
 The heavily ASICS backed WILMSLOW HALF, a very popular Sale Harriers event, is £26 for example.  It's hardly surprising that many club runners end up running the PARKRUNS, which are free of charge, every week and not much else.   I'll no doubt include a few ALEXANDRA PARK 5Ks in my races.  Not just because they only cost near O.A.Ps £2! 
  It's not the cost of entry that is is the main problem of course it's just being organised and committed enough to enter before the race fills up.   This is a fairly new and growing phenomenon but fortunately not total.
See Snake Lane 10 as well as the Brass Monkey is full now.
  One series which will grow in numbers this year,  with many others races filling up, will be the PENDLE & BURNLEY GRAND PRIX.  Details of the 2011 races shortly  to be finalised will appear on Terry's
News and Views on the COMPLETE RUNNER blog.
  Meanwhile if you've still snow around..........unless you live in Boston Spa where apparantly they have nothing(!).....and are continuing to venture out  TAKE CARE out there!

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