Saturday, 11 December 2010

The rest......will be history.

 There will be quite a few runners logging their lowest week's mileage  of the year this particular week;   as so many areas have experienced such treacherous running conditions.  It must be  especially frustrating for those laying the foundations for their Spring marathons training but reading blogs so many have shown great perseverance.  Good to see.
 Many others will have used this period as a time for "restoration".   A chance  to give body and mind a rest and break from routine.  A chance for niggles to mend perhaps, repairing  damaged muscle tissue.  A chance to eat as normal but restore glycogen levels. A chance catch up with that list of jobs "to do".  Nothing new to believers of "periodisation"  in a runner's training year.
 I am often asked,  "Do you run every day?"   I reply , "Do you brush your teeth every day?"
 I am often asked, "Do you run the distance every day?"  No, I have hard days and easy days.
 I am often asked,. "Do you never ease back for a week or so?"  No, unless I've a niggle.
   This week I've had a niggle.   But in the past  easy weeks would come naturally after a major event.
 November was very often a  low key month when I was training at maximum with weekly mileage up to 90 plus  per week with some tough sessions in there.   Several years show a late autumn marathon having been run so the month or so immediately after would serve as recovery.   At that time I had stopped running cross country.  But for those enjoying a traditional XC season that rest will have to wait until March, I suppose.
 Nowadays  the "problem" is I don't have BIG events to  recover from and as such have tended  to maintain  a moderate, consistent approach to training every week of the year.....until this week, of course.
 I haven't seen anyone about my leg.   The pain level on yesterdays' 4 miler on grass  was  "mild"
perhaps 4 out of 10.  (It was good to get out albeit running against a gale at times) 
 Down to 3 out of 10 today on a 4 miler with Pat on the road.   Not much slower than normal.  Hopefully  the discomfort level will continue to reduce to one which is the norm at my age!   Gradual and careful routine to normal  with ....all being well.... a return to normal levels for the new year.
   This period of  "rest" will be history.

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