Thursday, 16 December 2010

Track 5K in blizzard

 Anyone driving past the shop this morning around 3 A.M. (!) might have thought we were copying Meadowhall with extreme late  night  shopping;  but of course not the case.   The alarm company had phoned at 2.30 a.m. saying that the shop alarm was going off and the police were attending.
 Within minutes Pat and I were up and dressed and at the shop.  No sign of a break in but we followed the
patrolman in and confirmed that the strong winds must have disturbed a door.   We have to wait then for the alarm company to send  their night man to reset the alarm.   So nearly 4 a.m. by the time we were back in bed!  Not good. 
 Nevertheless, I stuck to routine on the planner and, in  a bit of  a blur, we  drove over to Nelson for a rather perfunctory track session.   If I'd have been fully awale I would have remembered  a  vital piece of kit necessary for the interchangeable sunglasses with clear lens fitted  to protect my eyes from the snow blizzard which  decided to hit me as soon as I pressed the START button for my 5K effort.
  As I'm enjoying some abbeviated weeks this month, besides the foul weather,  I cut the session down to I mile warm up (no stretching, no strides)  a 5k with just 1 mile cool down  (not that I'd generated much heat!)
  With my left leg feeling as if I'd just been taken out by an Arsenal midfielder I figured 25 minutes for the 5K would be a fair target. Besides the maths would be easy  needing to take a minute for each 200 metres.

The snow flurries had started about Skipton on the way over but kindly abated for the warm up.  Not too bad, I thought.  But as I said as soon as I started the effort the next blizzard came through and,mischievously,  played itself out as I finished.  
For the record laps were.......
 2.01  2.05   2.04   2.02   2.03   2.04   2.04   2.01   2.02   1.58   1.57   1.57  54.............25.17

So 17 seconds shy of target ...............

 But   all things considered........."satisfactory".... and easier than the treadmill.

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