Friday, 10 December 2010

I'm a runner.....get me out of here!

 What would you consider to be "horrifying" ?    I'll pause to let you ponder on that before continuing and won't make any suggestions of my own ...............except perhaps,   a Champions  League final in which Manchester United are one nil up against Barcelona with minutes to go and the Catalan team score two in extra time. Now that would be horrific!  Major trauma.  Pat , who gets even more animated whatching football than I do, would definitely need gas and air.
  For one R.W. reader her definition of "horrified" was to find that there had been a power cut at her gym and.....heaven forbid.....she had been forced to.....wait for outside!!!   She goes on to describe how exhilerating it was, fresh air!!!....and what a turning point it was. She writes to the magazine to encouirage all other treadmillaholics to follow her example.   Unbelievable!

    I'm certainly looking forward to some cool, fresh air today.  Not sure about the cause but following the aborted run in the snow last Sunday my left leg has been misbehaving.   Probably, too many deviations from the routine which has taken me safely through the year.   Running in the snow with the feet moving just that touch on impact, a return to the rower,  too much too soon on the weights, a strain clearing snow : perhaps a combination of all these factors?  Whatever the cause the week has been a pain in the rear (left to be exact)
spreading down the leg.  Classic sciatic!?
  I forecast that an injury would force to me to ease back and that has been the case this week.
Enough mobility however  to manage a short spell each day on the treadmill. 2 on Monday and Tuesday, 3 on Wednesday and Thursday.   If it is a sciatic nerve problem then keeping in mobile and putting some blood through the system I believe helps.  Pleanty of icing of course as well to reduce inflammation. 
 Still a good week to have been running less as the round of "sell ins" started for Fall/Winter 2011 with the reps coming in brandishing their wares  for next winter.   Reports on any exciting new product that can be made public to follow.  Some of them like to keep their developments seceret for fear of rip off.
 No,going back, there is absolutely no danger of me becoming addicted to indoor running.  A major thaw overnight means that the local fields are clear and I shall be seeking some cool, fresh air as the R.W. letter writer describes going outdoors. Hopefully I can manage more than 3 miles. But not before I've subjected the leg to more ice treatment; luckily I've 3 ice packs.



  1. How a person can be a treadmillaholic in the first place baffles me.
    Hope the leg heals well.

  2. Those that thought treadmill running was a safe alternative to running outside may have to think again.

    I had to laugh on Thursday when there was a power cut at the gym at Ossett. Two young ladies on the treadmill suddenly lurched forward and nearly fell over when the power was suddenly cut. Luckily they were running slow and no injuries for them, so I was even allowed to have a little chuckle to myself. I had another laugh when they stayed there and waited for the power to come on - which was a good half hour later! I decided to give it a miss after seeing that. I didn't fancy testing out my sudden stopping distance from 18KPH to 0KPH.

    Good luck with your recovery from injury.