Sunday, 12 December 2010

Running through pain

   Well it's would appear this week's pain management of  a self assessed leg left sciatica problem is working.   I've been lucky it would seem.
   Following the pain becoming apparent on the treadmill on Monday when I drew a line after 2 miles.  I tested it again on the 'mill on Tuesday with another 2; nudging the miles up to 3 and 3 on Wedneasday and Thursday.   Icing frequently throughout the days.
 I'm sat on an ice pack as I'm writing this. A solution which it would appear ice skater's share.....

  I managed 4 on grass on Friday, 4 on the road yesterday.
 Certain actions are still proving difficult including sitting and rising from low chairs but setting off today I actually felt quite fresh.   Presumably at the end of a low mileage week. 
  "Restoration" indeed!  and was in fact running  pain free until descending down a short incline there was a jolt and the pain returned, albeit mildly.  About 2 out of 10 on the pain intensity scale so able to get through 5 miles at a pretty acceptable pace.  When running the discomfort is mainly just below the knee on the outside where the sciatic nerve runs to the front of the leg (peroneal) .
 In terms of fitness maintenance that gave me just 23 miles on the week but the year's average is still just above target at 45 plus. So still respectabe.
  It's not quite the end to the year I  planned with no race since November 7 Alexandra park 5K,  but I appreciate there are so many other runners suffering greater problems than mine with so much still they want to achieve.   Whilst the task at my age is merely to ensure PWs still remain respectable ataking in the bigger picture so to speak.

  Hopefully I'll be able to "tick over" and recupe for another couple of weeks, getting back to normal for the New Year.  It's a busy time anyway, having to sort out orders for next July onwards and, of course, sorting out some COMPLETE RUNNER SALE bargains; but I am missing my routine!


  1. Glad to see that your injury problems are clearing up

  2. Thanks Alan. Not perfect but at least I'm getting out and ticking over. Other aspects of the day are still a pain in the butt! Still icing.
    Hope some of your routes have now cleared and you too are getting back to normal.
    Take care! Terry