Friday, 31 December 2010

christmas picture quiz results


The 10 pictured runners have  the current
So that gave the ranking once they had been identified.

1. Steve Jones     (Newport)           2:07:13     Chicago  20 Oct 1985  (Runner 10)
2. Charlie Spedding (Gateshead)   2:08:33     London   21 Apr 1985  (Runner 5)
3.  Richard Nerurkar (Bingley)      2:08:36     London   13 Apr 1997  (Runner 8)
4.  Paul Evans  (City Of Norwich)  2:08:52     Chicago  20 Oct 1996   (Runner 6)
5.  Geoff Smith (Liverpool H.)       2:09:08     New York 23 Oct 83     (Runner 9)
6.  Ian Thompson (Luton)               2:09:12     Christchurch 31 Jan 74 (Runner 3)
7. Alister Hutton (Edinburgh)         2:09:16     London 21 Apr 1985     (Runner 7)
8. Mark Steinle  (Blackheath)        2:09:17     London 14 Apr 2002     (Runner 1)
9. Hugh Jones (Ranelagh)              2:09:24     London  9 May 1982    (Runner 4)
10. Ron Hill (Clayton)                     2:09:28     Edinburgh 23 Jul 1970 (Runner 2)

The drawn winner with the correct entry is MARTIN LISTER formerly of Harrogate A.C.
As no ladies sent an entry in another prize will go to DAVE RODGERS, team manager of Sale Harriers.   Dave queried the description of the top ten runners as "great" stating that whilst they had done the times, the record of several in championship events  was disappointing,perhaps.
Ron Hill, Iam Thompson  of course all won medals at European, Commonwealth and  Charlie spedding at the Olympics.

The list confirms that current standards have fallen and the marathon has lost much appeal many of the UK's top runners.  Only one top ten time being recorded this century.   With 5 top times recorded in the London marathon  it indicates that initially the race fulfilled one stated aim of improving UK marathon times.  But as I have stated numerous times before,  the incentive for UK runners needs to be addressed if more "club runners" are to put the effort in again to challenge these top ten times.



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