Monday, 13 December 2010

Monday.....winter with a pinch of spring.

  End of another busy day; looking at more forward orders from shoe companies and chasing up some new Fastrax products  which are now on the horizon.   But  broke off late morning for the daily run.  Blessed with moderate temperatures and bright winter sunshine for a 5 mile run which served to consolidate yesterday's run over the same distance.   Significantly today's was nearly 2 minutes faster over much the same terrain.
               The other bright spot of the day being Man. U's win tonight over Arsenal....1-0
 Back to not full but tolerable mobility running wise but  be warned , reader, if you should suffer sciatica running may prove the easiest aspect of a normal day where sitting is involved.
 A previous blog title was "spring with a pinch of winter"  today it felt like the reverse.   Mind you I was dressed as normal for near zero conditions.
 For the record then, the thaw in Wharfedale is all but complete. Just the odd pile of cleared snow lingering at the side of car parks and long drives.  Sad then to read that other areas are still precarious and sadly caught out Gary Dunn...   who had a nasty fall running to work this morning.   We wish him well. Not good.

  Going back to product much of what we've seen so far has been new colourways of 2010 offering but the new LUNARECLIPSE from NIKE stands out as one shoe I'm keen to try in 2011.  With their DYNAMIC SUPPORT system, NIKE have shown that they are still striving to be innovative in their shoe design.   However, they must persevere in 2011 to ensure that both the seller and the buyer appreciate the feature and the benefit of their creation and how it differs from their rivals.
  This is the illustration of the system commonly seen BUT if fails to show that the orange section of the midsole is wedged also with the inner, medial side higher than than the outer, lateral side so the upper
upper green section sits against it to form a flat foot platform.

 The two sections, a lightweight "foam" sitting into and supported by the firmer foam carriage as they call it creates a motion control shoe to combat overpronation without the weight and firmness of the medial wedge system employed by thre likes of Asics and Saucony.  
  All well and good but for whilst I enjoyed the cushioning and support of the LUNARGLIDE as tested it has proved a tad wide for my thin bony feet!  Hopefully the Lunareclipse will be a better fit for 2011.  More to follow.

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