Sunday, 26 December 2010


 The drive to and from Manchester on Christmas Eve only served to aggravate the sciatic nerve I have been nursing along again after I had thought it was on the mend.
  Keen to maintain this year's "streak" of daily runs the plan was to squeeze  in a short session on the treadmill before going out for the evening.  Let's suffice to say that I managed a mile before being forced to stop because of the pain.
  Scitiaca really does deserve to be called the Terminator.  Thought to be well and truly on the mend; then it comes back and literally bites you on the backside again!  And of course all down the leg.
  I did manage to go out for the meal but there were some strange looks as I kept pulling my knee up to my chest as a form of relief.
  My dilemma?   I have only 2 days left in my 52 week running year and haven't missed a day (yes, I'm counting that painful mile on the treadmill!). 
 A friend said surely you must rest it?    I replied this would be like running coast to coast west to east across America without a problem,  only to be forced to have to stop within touching distance
of the North Atlantic.  Not an option..........!!

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