Saturday, 18 December 2010

Return of the white stuff

 Watching the news last night  and seeing what appeared to be the rest of the country suffering really badly from a return of the snow it seemed inevitable that it was just a matter of time...a short time....before we too would be hit.   I gather the 2 inches landed just after midnight.  Sneaking in life stealthily like a thief in the night!  The view over the valley this morning....

So tentative plans for a couple of pleasant runs over the weekend  have to be abandoned.   No big deal really though for me in a grand scheme of things and sympathies to those trying to maintain serious training plans for next year's events.  So back to the garage and the treadmill for probably  a couple of days.
Shame because yesterday whilst there was a bitterly wind, unusually fron the west being so cold,  the old leg had seemed to have coped quite well with the moderate effort on the track on Thursday.
If you did venture out for a run in the snow this morning...well done...hope no trips to A.& E. necessary!

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