Tuesday, 14 December 2010

New Complete Runner News Blog Set Up

  New on ..........
 Readers of this blog seem to enjoy references to running product judging by comments.  Whilst I'll continue to make reference to shoes and clothing I may be testing on this running on empty blog,  I've been busy today setting up another blog which  will give me a chance to be more expansive in that area.

 The link should you be interested is  http://terrycompleterunnernews.blogspot.com/

Again, apprecaite any comments.   A busy then but managed another 5 late morning away from the road this time.   Mainly on grass and as expected 5 minutes slower than 5 on the road yesterday.  Not totally pain free but so much better than this time last week on the treadmill.
 It looks certain the dreaded white stuff is on it's way to us again.  It's apparently come straight down northerly so let's hope it's dissipated before it reaches Wharfedale. Everything crossed!

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