Thursday, 8 April 2010


I was keen to avoid yet another road run on Tuesday but didn't wanting to drive out to run.  So took to the nearest trail to head up to Troutbeck Farm knowing that much of the trail would be saturated with water pouring off the hills to my right.
Recent heavy rain combining with the snow still melting off the ridge did indeed make for much "river running" . The National Trust own the land but not much is done to ensure the water streams across the trail and through to the fields below. It tends to reach the path then flow down it. Naturally it ices up easily in the winter making for it very dangerous for walkers, bikers and runners.

I stopped after a very slow 3 miles of wading in the water to take these shots of the terrain ahead!  At which point I decided enough was enough and turned for home.  Hopefully when I do the run again it'll be a bit drier under foot but I'm not banking on it.

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