Thursday, 8 April 2010


  With Good Friday's race and other Saturday commitments the Easter break in the Lakes would have to start promptly on Sunday morning. The plan was to break the journey with a return to one of the Lake District's most secluded spots, Longsleddale.  

Parking at Sadgill, Pat and friend Su would then have a walk on the trail whilst I would run  down the dale and back up to finish the week with a steady 10 miler. There were a few more clouds in the sky than this picture shows.
  As it was late morning when I set off and any other walkers would have already come through to park earlier, I had expected a virtually traffic free run. I settled into a steady rhythm in the middle of the lane. Within minutes the tranquility was severed by the sound of a Land Rover coming from behind at speed.

   I took refuge in the hedge......I ran on.....then another Land Rover......I ran on.....then another ......then another......then another. I think you get the picture!  I was puzzled as to where they had come from as its a no through road.  But it transpired they had come over from Kentmere on the trail; part of a Land Rover experience!
  I had hoped the rest of the run would be as peaceful as I'd planned but no, that was only group number 1!  Within minutes group 2 came through and once again I was pinned against the hedge seeking safety.

Fortunately that was an end to it and the rest of the run went well.  The old legs not suffering too much from Friday's event.   No, the real concern for the three of us was the weather which was not shaping up well for the next few days.   In true Lakes fashion, the very heavy rain started at 1.30 a.m. amd continued unabated for the rest of the night and morning.   The locals trails would be awash with water coming off the hills making off road runs difficult.   As they say, if it didn't rain you wouldn't get lakes........

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