Thursday, 8 April 2010


  The sun did eventually make an appearance during our lakes break......just as we were packing the car to come home...... which of course meant that we didn't get soaked whilst doing it.  The ladies suggested we deviate on the way back so that they could shop at B.M. in Colne and looked slightly puzzled when I happily agreed.  Then I explained that before they shopped I could be dropped off at Nelson to do a track session!
  After wading in the water soaked trails of the Lake District at 10 minute pace it would be good to return to some safer, more rhythmical and much faster running.  Usual 2 mile park run warm up followed by strides etc on the track.  I elected for a 5K tempo run so the pace would not be too distant from recent days since the last race.  Quite pleased with the effort on a breezy improvement on the 23.03 from last month.  Usual acceleration ...7.26....7.19.....6.59.
  It was interesting to contrast my warm up with that of a young lady (15) who came on the track with her coach.  2 laps was deemed sufficient for her followed by a minute or two of "leg flicking" then straight into 400s at 72 secs.   Most athletes I have worked with seem to prefer jog recoveries between efforts.  She seemed to prefer sitting or lying on the track to be the best option.   I say preferred but perhaps it was the 5K fell race she had run the night before which had an influence on her mode of recovery.   She was sporting a county vest so obviously was of a good standard but  perhaps on this occasion a race the day before competing against senior male and female athletes had not been a good idea?

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  1. I guess that's inactive recovery, right? ; )