Monday, 12 April 2010


   No, after yesterday's 13 miler I'm not referring to myself flying around the Fewston/  Swinsty reservoirs this morning, rather than a reference to the formation flying of some of the birdlife.  Having witnessed a magnicent formation takeoff by a flock of geese (I think) I whipped out the wee camera and managed to capture them in flight and landing again.  Not quite the red arrows but certainly a superbly choreographed and coordinated display for the watching picnickers!

Following the highest temperature of the year registered on Saturday it was another beautiful day out there and I was pleased to join the walkers doing the tour. Many of them clearly grandparents looking after children still enjoying half term.   A fabulous spring morning.  Done before but no apologies for sharing with you a shot of  Swinsty under cloudless skies today........with the promise of more days to come.

622 runners who may not have appreciated the warmer weather yesterday were those competing in the Blackpool Marathon.   I'm not sure how that number compares with 1988 when I ran the Wyre Marathon over much the same course but sadly I can report that yesterday's winning time of 2.39.44 would only have been good enough for 20th place that year. The race was run in June with temperatures just short of 30 degrees.

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