Monday, 19 April 2010


 Arriving at race start for the Sunday version of the Great Langdale 10K there was a definite feeling that we had arrived at a party after most of the guests had gone home.  It was the ease with which we were able to park in the feld at the Sticklebarn Tavern.  For the December XMAS PUDDING of the event 387 had turned out.  This spring weekend on Saturday 270 had run; for our Sunday event only 143.  So much so that the organiser may well not decide to run the event on both the Saturday and Sunday next year. 
 Within minutes of parking it was fairly preditable that most of the prizes would be coming back to our corner of the field where Richard Pattinson, Jo Waites, Evan Cook, Erika Johnson, John Smethurst were assembled.   Question was could I join them on the prize list?
 Having failed to go under 42 mins. on the badly K marked Salford course I suspected on this undulating Lakes course it would perhaps take a greater effort to actually stay under 43 and that thought was confirmed as I went through the first K in 4.21 with Richard Pattison already clear in front with Jo Waites not far behind in third.  
Concentrating on maintaining form and effort, a young man in front was annoying me as he jogged
along head swinging from side to side as he admired the spectacular countryside!  "Concentrate! I cried.  "Just having a good look around , fantastic!  He said.....then moved away!
  With only 143 running it was not surprising to be running solo then for the next couple of kilometres. We turned through the Langdale Estate, past the Brittania at Elterwater, up the  hill and then retraced our way back.   There were  5 lined up in front to go for and one Keswick man looked like he could be in my age group.   Then to my surprise Karen Bridge and John Bridge of Eden Runners charged past....great running I said....just a training run before London she said! Through Chapel Stile at 7 K I caught and passed Derek Harrison of Keswick (an M60!)  and started to close on Jo Gillyon of Keswick up the hill leaving Chapel Stile. 

Try as I could I was seemingly only closing the gap inch by inch over the last 2K.  By this time my nose was running as fast as I was symptomatic of a slight chill which had made the inclines hard work.   I looked at  the watch at 9K and knew it was going to take a great effort for both of us to go under 43.
I shouted ahead, encouraging Jo to keep going whilst still wanting desperately  to catch her.  We turned the corner , I saw the finshing field and made one last effort, passing her and just staying ahead to the line. But did she take some catching!
  We finished 21st and 22nd and our last K in 4.04 had brought us in as desired just under the 43 minute  abyss in 42.55 and 42.56 respectively. 
Richard P. indeed won the race in 34.11 over 3 minutes clear.  Jo W. ran 37.35 for first lady and 3rd overall. Evan Cook of Blackburn ran 5th and 1st M55, 
whist Bingley stalwart John S. finished just behind his son in winning the M70 category.  Erika J.  of Swaledale consistent as ever ran 13th and of course ist lady over 40.  
And me?
Yes,  that with that push over the second half I scraped a M60 category win as well.  A bottle of white wine immediately claimed by by my dear wife, Pat.

  At the presentation the organiser Rod Berry did indeed suggest that with the small Sunday numbers next year he may just offer one chance to run the course as is the norm. Let's face it there aren't many events where we get the choice of racing on the Saturday or the Sunday.
  So that was the 2010 Great Langdale 10K.   Some good K s in there....4.05, 4.04 and 4.04 which suggest a much better time on a decent flat fast course ...shame about the hills!



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  1. If anyone is interested, I put a gallery together for 2011 event here:

    I emailed the organiser but he obviously kept it a secret.