Friday, 9 April 2010


In answer to the question, Should I Run Twice a day?  Bob Glover (Competitive Runner's Handbook)
writes emphatically....... No! Unless  you are.....and then lists....
Running through injury...Running in difficult footing(?).....running in extreme cold or heat.....running with a busy schedule.....running for recovery.....running with a "speed workout" later in the day.....running for high mileage....
I could say my first run yesterday was a gentle recovery after Wednesday's tempo 5K on the track.   The second?   Well, really just because I'd been sat at the office desk sending out emails about our new Fastrax website ..... .....and as it looked such a nice evening out there I just fancied repeating the run I'd done in the morning.  A virtually flat valley run mainly on grass. 
I was interested to see if the two runs followed the pattern of old; namely that the second run was significantly faster.  So it proved yesterday.  the pace of the evening run was consistenly half a minute faster per mile than the pre noon run.  
Would we all run better times if races were held in the afternoon or evening rather than the early race start times we have become accustomed to?
I took the camera out on the second run and took a couple of shots from a path I've only just starting to use adjacent to the river Wharfe despite living in Ilkley for over 30 years!!

                Not sure if the arrival of the Heron is a sign of spring but the emerging daffodils certainly are. 

  Whilst believing that most runners don't need to run twice a day Glover  concedes that the "high mileage runner" can increase his or her weekly mileage with a few extra outings of 5 miles or so.   I tend to think that the first run yesterday helped me to run faster on the second run but  in the past so many of us trained twice a day because we used our running as a means of getting to and from work. Couldn't afford the bus fare!!!

Any of you running to and from work?  Many of you training twice a day on a regular basis?

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