Saturday, 24 April 2010


  It proved a sound decision to leave this week's track session until Friday after Sunday's 10K race.  If only because the chilling wind which has accompanied the clear skies in the earlier part of the week had all but disappeared and for once Nelson track was comparatively if not totally calm.    I was determined to improve
upon the times for each rep in the planned 5 x 1K session, run solo as usual., compared with  the equivalent session in March.
  I committed to memory the times from then.,  the first being 4.16.   Concentrating hard on covering each 100 in 25 secs,  I manage just over ...4.11.   Rep 2 target is my jacket blows off the steeplechase barrier I am pushed back to 4.12 but still faster than last month.   Rep 3 target 4.11....I dip under clocking 4.10.   I'm starting to think I can't make the 4th target.....4.07; but dig deeper to record 4.03.   That's 40.30 10K pace;  so the session is shaping up very well.    Last one,  to get under 4 minutes , I need 24 secs per 100.   I dig deeper, hitting each 100 target and  trying to maintain good form throughout run, cross the line in 3.58!!
  So, March......4.16       4.15      4.11      4.07      4.06
         April........4.11       4.12      4.10      4.03      3.58
Looking back at my records this is the best session of 5 x 1K I have managed since  OCTOBER 2008 !
I have set younger athletes the target of  averaging  their 5K pace for this ession but I myself usually can barely hit 10K pace.  But for once I am spot on averaging last 5K being 20.35. 
  Following up the track session as usual with an easy run today,   I headed over to do my weekly "2 Res Run" around Swinsty/ Fewston.   This often takes as much as 65 59.40.    So taking the track session and today's run together,  it bodes well for the races to come in the near future;  if I can hold it together. It would be great to defy the rule that slower race times are inevitable at my time of life.  We shall see.

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