Saturday, 3 April 2010


Pils Stackemeir has chosen to comment on yesterday's race. "I appreciate your puzzlement and frustration with the seemingly randomly placed K markers. The necessary feedback they would have given to help runners maintain their target pace was absent. However, you should look more to the positive aspects of the race and take encouragement . Timewise. your predicted target time, based on doubling your 20.35 5K time plus 1 minute, was 42.10 You ran 42.19 on a windy day.  That 42.19 was your fastest 10K since Sept 2008.  
You set yourself the target of a top 3 age category place. You finished 3rd. You also targetted 2 much younger female club mates who had run faster than you at the Northern relay.  They ran 42.32 and 43.10 behind you. As planned you set off aggressively from the gun, contrary to the reported splits, and as customary came through overtaking right to the line.   The photo here at the end of lap 1 shows you just ahead of runners who ran 43.08, 43.35 and 44.49.  So all in all a very solid run and certainly a very good second half.
Thanks Pils..........However,one runner who did finish just ahead,  finishing extremely well , was a young man I caught up about 6K. He was constantly "fiddling" with his ipod (!) and was carrying a full bottle of energy drink. I did comment on the need for the fluid but fortunately refrained from making a sarcastic comment about his ipod. I had thought he'd "died" at 9K but to his credit,  and my great surprise,  he came tearing past in the last K to beat me by 7 seconds.  I can only think his ipod had phased to dance mode!

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