Saturday, 24 April 2010

£25000 for first club team in London Marathon....

  Best of luck to anyone reading this running the London marathon.  I'll be particularly looking for the times of local runners Sally M. and Paul O'L of Ilkley Hrs. , Amy G. of Keighley plus Alan D. of Blaydon  and Spen's Kevin O. amongst others. Let's hope you can all avoid this feeling.........hitting the wall....certainly looks painful!!! Latest forecasts suggest that temperatures could climb as high as 22 degrees.  That wall could be severely dented on Sunday morning.

As usual us old guys will be looking to see how Sunday's times compare with ours from yesteryear and where our best time would have placed us in 2010. It's to be expected ,isn't it?   I'm still convinced UK athletes need more incentive to turn out better club teams and this in turn would lead to better individual times.  With  some inevitable savings on expenses for overseas elite runners,   wouldn't it be good to see some of that money go to leading UK runners instead.   I have always said that the UK team awards should be in the region of £25,000 , £15,000, £10,000  for first, second and third in the clubs championship split between 5 counting runners.   I think then we would see a return to more depth in quality in the home based runners .

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