Tuesday, 20 April 2010


  After Sunday's 10K I managed to get the post race refuelling totally wrong.  We opted for just a snack followed by a 2 mile walk late afternoon so by 7.30 I was getting quite "hyper" with hardly enough energy inside me to tackle my  evening meal.   Am I alone in ignoring the simple advice to refuel as soon as possible after hard efforts, on occasions?   Then as so often happens I have a very restless, sleepless night as I rerun the race and the day's events.  Am I alone in not sleeping well AFTER races? Or is it because I don't get out much and find all the excitement a bit overpowering!
  For Monday's recovery run we drove from Troutbeck towards Lake Windermere for a flat easy jog hoping the magnificent views would take the mind off the aches and pains of the previous day's racing.


 In fact the legs weren't bad at all. Managed a gentle 5.The main problem was coming back into a very chilling wind coming off the water. So cold that even some newly arrived local inhabitants were forced to seek shelter...........

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  1. Its not that I ignore post race refueling but I do have a problem being able to refuel due to general discomfort and although I find recovery drinks a help I have frequently found myself in a hyper state