Wednesday, 14 April 2010

A frustrating wind of change.

  It would have been good to report another set of improved times in today's track session, but every flag I drove past on the journey to the Red Rose county  was being forced horizontal by a strong north easterly wind and I knew the change of direction was going to make the session distinctly cold and uncomfortably difficult.   A wind apparently carrying Polar Air chilled in its passage across the North sea.  Put it this way I warmed up around the park wearing hat and gloves!
 I had set off with the intention to make a determined effort to run 24 secs for each 100 in a 8 x 600 rep session.   40 minute 10K pace throughout. I switched the starting point of the session to try to reduce the effect of the biting wind but after hitting target pace for the first 100 with wind behind then lost up to 5 seconds fighting against it.   Frustrating.
  So aiming for 2.24 the first was 2.32; the second rep 2.34.  Very,  frustrating.   I  started to think how I would build in the word abort into the title of this blog!  But I persevered and in my usual manner was able to nudge the reps down ..........2.33,  2.32, 2.31,2.30, 2.28.    An all out lung bursting effort on the final rep finally produced the target time of 2.24.    Very, very frustrating.  
 Having said all that  the  average time of 2.30.9 (41.40 pace) was the fastest since last June (2.28) when I was being run down a certain adventurous young female running bear.  So some consolation from the session but with that pesky wind it could have been so much more enjoyable and rewarding.
 Perhaps I just needed a voice in my ear urging me to maintain the in the adidas micoach.

Via the ear piece the runner can receive feedback on his/her performance whilst completing a predetermined session.  It would have been quite amusing to watch today's session if I had been wearing such a device because I'm sure I would have been shouting back at the voice in my ear...
  "For God's sake,   shut up!   I'm doing my ****** best!"

More comment on how the adidas micoach
system works and  implications of its use to follow.......anyone out there got one already?   Good or bad?

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