Saturday, 27 March 2010


  The week has taken a classic hard/ easy/ hard pattern.  Thursday's encouraging track session was followed by an easy pace 5 on the trail in which the pace, unrecorded, was probably no faster than 9.30. So today, keen to return to a double figure for the first time in 3 weeks since the Haweswater half,  I drove over to the canal to cover a minimum of 10 miles.  Quite hard deciding what to wear today as Pat had been out and reported that whilst sunny there was a chilling, blustery wind.  Eventually opted for a longsleeve with a laminated windshirt on top.

  Ignoring the running rule book which states the training should start into the wind to come back with the wind behind when tired,  would mean a touigh second half but I was hoping that with Pat on the bike she would act as a windbreak.  After the usual couple of warm up miles,  I accelerated to 8.30 and stayed there for several miles. On the way back I encouraged Pat to stay just in front as planned and things were going well with an 8.15 then I could see her rear tyre suddenly deflate with a puncture!

I ran on hoping she could reflate it and catch me up but  with no sign of her at 10 miles, I turned back, picked up the car keys from her and ran on so that I could then drive back and pick her up.
  All this added distance to the run which eventually finished up at unscheduled half marathon indeed.   Still a solid 50 miles on the week with tomorrow to come and the old legs held up pretty well; more than can be said about the bike!

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