Monday, 29 March 2010


  Well, it really did feel like a miserable, cold, wet winter's morning at the track today.........yes, I know it's spring but to was a cold wet winter's morning!  The weather "men" are even forecasting snow returning to parts of the north for Easter weekend.  Nice!  What's that song ...I'm dreaming of a  white Easter?
  600m reps today.  Frequently run; one of my favourite rep. distances but mindful of Saturday's 13.1 effort and Friday's 10K  only 8 to be completed.  In the ideal world of training theory 2.27/8 per effort , my 5k pace,  seemed a realistic target.  As usual for the first 3 a second per 100 down but by the fourth and fifth I was  getting up more on the toes and the stride was lengthening a touch.   2.30 on the sixth with the rain getting heavier and the temperature dipping.  The final two reps were nearest to target;  probably because I was keen to close the session off and , following a shorter  than normal cool down,  retreat indoors for a hot shower.  Brrrr!
In summary...2.34    2.34    2.34    2.32    2.31    2.30    2.28    2.26.   The best 600m  track  session  for quite a few months.
  With rain forecast for the next 5 days including Friday in Manchester and a 0 degrees night temperature on the way looks like my old legs will be staying covered for the foreseeable future!   At least until Friday.

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