Tuesday, 2 March 2010



  Not wishing to make this running blog a weather channel but what the heck.....what a fabulous day!
First item of kit I reached for  was the "shades".  15.38 now and this shot shows the cloudless skies we've been blessed with today.
  Apologies to those who have been chained to a desk or whatever but then again you'll be retired one day too.

 Very tempted to head up to the moor for my run today: but common sense prevailed. I decided the uneven terrain would not be welcomed by the lower limbs which are still delicate after Sunday's race, particularly that adrenalin driven last mile.
  So I played safe for the 6 miles, albeit on the road and saw a welcome notch up the gears pace wise.
Yesterday's average 9.45 for 4 on grass.....today's 8.52 for 6 on road.  Much better.

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