Thursday, 25 March 2010


Following Sunday's less than competitive performance the next time I'll be donning the racing vest will be on Good Friday at the Salford 10k.   With 11 days in between the events I decided to slot in two speed sessions with 3 days between each and the Friday race.   So today, Thursday, saw me back at Seedhill track with the flag at the local cricket club suggesting that for yet another time it would be a disappointing, frustrating speed session.   I stretched the warm up to 3 miles, 2 around the park plus a mile on the track.
They say listen to our body.  Well the body was saying,
                         Terry,  come back tomorrow!  Friday, you'll feel better"  
If the track was round the corner I might have done that,but not fancying another hour and half round trip  tomorrow I persevered but elected for just 5 reps of 1K with a longish 2 minute 200 walk/jog recovery to try to achieve optimum pace.  Less endurance ...more speed! Hopefully.

 With the wind still strong I half anticipated times
 around 4.20 so was quite pleased with the first in 4.16. Encouraging,as I normally accelerate through the sesssion.   4.15 for the second,  4.11 for the third and as usual the reps were starting to flow but also starting to hurt.   I determined to make each 200 just that bit faster then really go for the last 400.   4.07 !!   But could I make the last one fastest?   Yes, 4.06
Times which compare very favourably with those from the same time in 2009 and even some 1K sessions in 2008. So hopefully some better performances to come in the next few months. It would be good to beat last year's times for all distances and halt the slide.
 I have recently changed my asthma prevention regime; by which I have reintroduced the Ventolin salbutamol
reliever inhaler immediately prior to running whilst continuing to take a steroid preventative inhaler morning and evening at non running times. Perhaps that is making the difference.
 Any other asthma sufferers out there taking Symbicort and or Ventolin ?  What's your regime?


  1. Nice reps, Terence - hopefully I'll be back down there in a week or two. 3 runs this week and the calf's still stiffening up each time then easing off. Will be applying some of that magic ointment you recommended tonight!

  2. Hi Terry. I'm an asthmatic as well. I take Fixotide (fluticasone propionate) which is a corticosteroid, I take it twice a day. I also have a ventolin inhaler, but I only use it infrequently....if I have a virus, cold, hayfever etc. I've never had a problem with asthma whilst running.

  3. should be Flixotide....not Fixotide.