Wednesday, 10 March 2010


 I had hoped to enjoy a good night's sleep after the 13.1 mile effort but no such luck.  The day's activities and the event itself were still churning over in the mind in the wee small hours with the pulse rate seemingly fast as well.  
 The plan this week will be to nudge the miles back up gradually starting with a gentle 3 miler on this Monday. It was a good chance to see how the legs felt and pleasingly they felt pretty good. So on yet another morning of bright sunshine and a cloudless sky the run went well.
  A gentle stroll along the shores of Rydal Water, north of Ambleside , served as another post race loosener.  Time to reflect on the end of a good solid
10 week strengthening period with 498 miles under the belt and 4 reasonable races.  Reasonable, but which suggest that with a gradual shift to speed,  can be improved upon.
  Unless something really attractive comes up I may well leave running another half marathon until the autumn concentrating on events of 10 mile and under.

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